Sunday, January 24, 2010

Bent Jacobsen »Bøsse«

This record is from 1975 and is about being a male gay person facing tough challenges such as society and other gay men. This record has that specially nice analog sound of being a gay male in the 1970s. The drumming is good. There is generally an out-there welcoming "lets talk this difficult yet interesting topic over in a musical and adolescent way"-kind of vibe. There's even a little pedal steel guitar on one track. That pedal steel guitar solo is great. There's another general vibe of "stop giving gay people a hard time" implicit in some of the lyrics, which may strike those of us who do not usually give gay males a hard time as a little unjustified. Times were different back then. Traffic wasn't so dangerous as it is today for example. Back then sometimes someone would write and record a song where the lyrics only meant what they said. It is not a multi-story parking lot complex of ironic entanglements. A lot has changed since the record was released. What?

There's also a little solo that sounds like a sitar. Sometimes the organ player does some playful call/response thing with the vocal melody. That's really good.

Typical of its time included with this LP was a booklet with chords and anatomically frivoulous croquis style pencil drawings of male bodies engaging in ingenious modes of sex. This is included with the download.

The record also asks the essential question: How do you know you're not gay if never tried to kiss a man? I would like to extend that question to all-sex readers of this blog.

As far as I recall there's a skip/jump 2 or 3 places in this rip, just deal with that.

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