Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Chalkdust »The Master« 1988

»This record contains all aspects of the Calypso Art Form - the minor and Major Keys, Commentary, Road March, Satire, and Philosophy. It brings to the forefront all the issues and ideas of the day, and yet invites the listener to party.«

- Rudy Wells, liner notes on the rear side of cover

Producing and purchasing records that bring out socially relevant issues while inviting people to party should be tax-deductible in a big way. What a basic and allright intention. How many records do that? Would sure like 2 know which.

I found this record at a shop recently and was quite convinced by the cover. I listened to it at the normal listening booth in the record shop and was convinced yet again by some groovily sequenced sampler cowbell on the opening track. I looked at the rear cover and discovered that it featured all sorts of amazing advertisements for local auto repair and shipping services. Click to enlarge the cover:

Makes you feel like you should seek out local advertisers and have them finance your record releases. Like a friend suggested, if you do stony hip-hop that people listen to while smowgin' tons o' weed, you could sell the rights to the local food delivery service to have their menu printed onto your rear cover.

After listening to this record at home for the first time I dialled the international moving company advertised on the rear cover wanting to ship all my things to Tobago. Nobody picked up, like the phone number was no longer used. Big let down. The people of Tobago and all-round calypsonians seem like they know how to have a good time.

If you are a Calypso and Soca fan in the Brooklyn area of N.Y. and you have a broken down auto vehicle I would strongly advise you to have it repaired at the place featured on the cover.

Chalkdust is not a mr. Anyone on the soca and calypso scene. He holds a PHD-degree in history and keeps on winning a really large soca contest called Soca Monarch in Trinidad & Tobago. He is a musical educator of the people. Remove all rock jackets and sinister young brandishers of personal brands and let the soca vibe wash MTV world clean. It's true - Chalkie takes the gold at Soca Expo Welt once more, most recently in 2009.

If you feel you're suddenly big on the soca & calypso vibe, you should also download this album by »Composer«. Good blog to wise up on the calypso mindset. So much to learn. Hard to adopt straightforward tropic mindset. Easy to kick back on a regular basis. Easy to relate to in-the-pocket muted guitar panned 100% right. Not easy to combine into mellow, everyday lifestyle.

»People all over the Caribbean and Europe anxiously await the work of The Master.«
- Darwin King on the rear cover

Download at


  1. Excellent share. If only I'd had Professor Liverpool when I was in university, maybe I woulda graduated. This man is an international treasure.

  2. I would sure like to take a PHD in sequencing chromatic percussion from the guy responsible on this record.

  3. and thanks for your comment. First one on this blog. Warm feelings erupting from anywhere.

  4. A much appreciated post. I have almost never heard anything by Chalkdust. Problem is that the download page doesn't seem to work for me. Could you repost/fix?

  5. Sorry! It works now. Thanks a lot!

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