Saturday, February 20, 2010

Hos Anna »Hos Anna« 1976

Hos Anna is all female rock group. While they weren't feminists they did proclaim to have a political feminine agenda. By the time they started in the 70s Danish women playing rock music were not a common occurence. These four women first collaborated on performing a set of topical songs for some 1st of May socialist activities in 1975. I read in an interview (in Danish) that they had only been playing for a year before recording this album. You wouldn't believe it from hearing it, the drumming is tight, the basslines are confident and there's also some nice saxophone and violin licks. Makes you think that the best ambition to have when making is music is to be a strong female, not the usual mental detour of trying to be good/radical/original. Take the scenic route.

A modern record refreshingly void of any musical lies such as reverb and nonsensical technical gimmickeries; some women rehearsing next door.

Download at or Mediafire (So many MP3 files on the internet - will it never stop?)

Do you think this bench is a bit small or would you think the women are just a little bit overly large? Some people like to sit close. I think these women like to sit close (in a musical sense).

I do not like when people sit close. Much better with people far away and in plain sight. You can see who's who and what they're doing and casually ponder if you agree/disagree.

I tried to strike up a 1970s-like conversation when I picked this record up from the library. The female librarian adhered to all usual conventions for a female librarian in her 50s: wooly sweater, a froggy pose/body language, knowing fumes of self-sufficient left wing political opinions. Told her society is tough these days. She agreed hesitatingly. Let her in on a little secret: "I seek refuge in old art when life gets tough". She agreed, which was a little problematic since theres not a lot to agree with. I could tell she was in no mood to be a part of the 1970s inspired conversation. I forcefully asked her to recommend some record to seek refuge in. She told me to find those records myself, checked the record out and left the desk. How to make the 1970s we're all in this together-conversation work?

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