Sunday, February 21, 2010

Joy Lieberkind »My Guitar Plays Your Name« 2005

»... a record made on very lo-fi equipment, featuring some very funky songs, some instrumental, some with slightly singin, some will make you laugh, some will make you cry, some will make you leave the room
- Joy L. describing their own record

Consider downloading (download from and listening to this record before reading the post. Reading too much could color/ruin your first listening experiences. Draw your own conclusions first, or read mine:

I almost always play this record when I DJ for people who lounge over beverages/dance, and it is a fine example of party music that actually makes you feel like partying. Probably because it comes off as groovy and humourous without being jokey in a weak way. A lot of party music makes you feel wrong if you're not constantly hovering above the dance floor slammin' out gassy and unbelievable dance moves like it was going out of style. This records have tracks that will actually make you want to do that, but it also has brooding mysterious and erotically potent introvert tracks such as Mystic Desert Woman. Sounds pretty good? - because it is really good!

Get it into your big skull (& portable MP3 player) !

Since the release of this record the band has changed their name to Joy L. due to an actual human person called Joy Lieberkind being dissatisfied with the use of her name as a band name. How would you react if you found out some low-key keyboard/bass combo used your name? You realised they had released hits like »I wanna dance with your mama« & »We're going to a party - yeah« How would that make you feel?

I'm sure you would feel pumped (unless it would coincide with the marketing of your own self-titled noise/impro/guitar effekt pedals/live remix/put flanger & phaser on FM broadcast/experimental doo-wop/Chapman-stick clinic/wine tasting/e-bow-extravaganza project).

Joy L;eberkind played regularly around some venues in Copenhagen after releasing this record. Strong live shows. Currently I think they're mostly playing at birthdays and receptions. Considering Fleetwood Mac started as heavy/blues outfit and turned into a mega-world phenomenon that is an interesting progression. What's nexts you ask !

It was released on the connoisseur record label Lolita Industri in Copenhagen, started by the person in the Prince t-shirt on the cover. I have posted this record in its entirity, but if you get really the strong vibes from listening to it you can still get a vinyl copy at the Lolita Industri website. Lots of great stuff on this record label, take a minute to look around.

The record itself has a vibrant reddish color that has the power to provoke women of all sizes and ages come up and start a conversation if you happen to flash it around at a DJ gig (if you are a female DJ men of all sizes and ages will probably be talking to you at length already no matter the color of your records). You can call it a conversation object or a sort of circular ice breaker. Like one of those t-shirts with slogans that make unlikely & highly-potent gags with well-known abbreviations such as FBI (apparently this also stands for "Female Body Inspector", did you know?).

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