Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Masryat vol. 1 & 3: »Egyptian New Wave«

Here are two tapes that I purchased in Dahab, Egypt this summer. Apparently it is part of a series called Masryat and the label is called D.J. Recording. If anyone should come across other releases in this series I would be very interested to hear them.

Masryat vol. 1 is called The Art of Pink Floyd and is a cover of Pink Floyd hits from the Wall and other albums. Lots of really strong build-ups, heavy on Egyptian flavour flutes, vocals, and samplings. Very strong music. Must be strong to listen. Heavy on your brain. Strong emotions abound. A odeuor of musk and sand ensues around you. Big desert. Aggresion. So dark and mystical. Fazed by desparation. Saved by joyeus Spanish guitar solo communicating heavily with strong rhythmic backtrack. Friendly faces, smiling.

Masryat vol. 3 is called Art of Jazz and features original compositions. Egyptian musiscians don't shy away from utilizing their probably wide and moist fingers to press some important/holy combination of keys on a keyboard sampler and bring about some obvious basslines and hooky guitar soloes. Makes you say things like Off course ! and They don't make that kind of bassline anymore. The track Orientation has a very strong bassline and guitar solo. Probably even better with mellow company and ingenious yet salty amuse bouches. Even though this is an informal gathering everybody must have a smooth vibe. Vibe is enstronged by well-timed sample of waves rolling over the shore. Sudden & furious off-beat communication. Bass player makes long and well-deserved solo. Like putting gasoline in your car. Drummer seems eager to express the knowledge of the sad eyes of a dying fish that has been swept up on land. Facts of life.

Download Masryat vol. 1: Art of Pink Floyd at or
Download Masryat vol. 3: Art of Jazz at or

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